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Always Ready for Adventure D20 Decal

Always Ready for Adventure D20 Decal

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If you carry your dice with you everywhere juuuuust in case you come across a game of D&D needing a player, then this decal is for you!

Advertise the fact that you are ALWAYS ready for adventure! The big ol' D20 silhouette will clearly entice any quest-givers in your vicinity. Great as a gift for a D&D player or DM!

The size of this decal is approximately 5.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall. Put it on your car, notebook, computer tower, or basically wherever you want!

Instructions for application:
Pick a flat surface for the decal.
Clean the area you intend to place the decal on.
Make sure it's dry!
Peel the back paper off of the decal (be careful not to let the tape touch itself!)
Bend the decal gently so that the center of the design touches the surface area first.
Slowly lower the two sides of the decal until it's flat against the surface.
Starting in the middle, gently push the decal down until the design and the tape around it is completely flat on the surface.
Press hard on it a couple of times to ensure it sticks.
Slowly peel the tape on top away.
And there you have it!

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